Rogue Company No Recoil Lua Script Macro


In our latest Rogue Company article, we talked about what Rogue Company is about, how the gameplay is and our thoughts as CSMacro about the game. In this one we will mostly talk about the game modes and bugs. But about the gameplay, the best way to play this brand new game is with Logitech gaming equipments. The top tier quality of the Logitech equipments will definitely increase the way you play with how comfortable they are. We also don’t recommend playing Rogue Company with macro, we can’t say there is no recoil in the game neither. Rogue Company has a fair recoil mechanic, gamers still shouldn’t rely on macro even if there were no recoil.

Are There Any Bugs ?

When we, CSMacro played the game we experienced fair amounts of bugs, which is very normal for a game that is in closed beta. There were various amounts of map exploits, glitches and bugs. Thanks to the developers of Rogue Company, with frequent updates and patches the game is getting, the gameplay improves update by update with the bugs, glitches and exploits being fixed. If you have the game, we as CSMacro highly recommend reporting the bugs you experience to the developers, so it will be easier for them to detect and fix them.

What Are The Game Modes ?

There are currently 3 different game modes in Rogue Company and as CSMacro we tested all of them and we can say that all of them are unique and fun in their own ways. The game forces you to use different tactics and weapons in these 3 game modes. This is actually a good thing for both players and the game. The gameplay makes you depend more on tactics than just shooting increases both the fun the players have and the games life.


If you are a fan of fast gameplay and don’t want the game to be too competitive, Strikeout is the game mode for you. Strikeout is basically a team deathmatch kind of mode. Both teams have 4 players on their teams and everyone keeps respawning after deaths. Each team starts with 12,000 cash and to win the game, each team needs to win a total of three rounds against the other team for victory. Every round lasts 5 minutes at most and the respawn time is 8 seconds.


Demolition is the most competitive game mode out of the 3 game modes. There are 2 teams, one attacker and a defender with 4 players each. The objective of the game mode is, the attacker team needs to plant a bomb at one of the two bomb sites at different locations in the map. The players can also easily win by eliminating the entire team. There are no respawns in this game mode. There are 6 rounds per side.


Extraction is honestly the most fun game mode we think as CSMacro. This game mode is basically a control point mode. There is a control point in the map and teams needs to fight over the control point and one of two teams needs to overcome the other. There are 4 players on each team.

While these 3 are the only game modes right now, we can easily say there will be more added in future updates. Stay tuned gamers!