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Valorant 4in1 Logitech Lua No Recoil Macro Script


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All Logitech G Mouses are supported. If you have a Logitech G Keyboard you can assign the weapons to it as well.

For keyboard assignment check the link below:

How to assign the weapons to your keyboard ?

Note: You need to have a Logitech G Mouse only Logitech G Keyboard is NOT possible.

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5/5 (465 Reviews)

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5/5 (465 Reviews)

Yes. As The license is for one PC. And You have to change your hardware or change your PC or Hard Reset, Factory Reset and need License reset you can contact us from our Discord Page or from LiveChat. License reset fee is 5$.

5/5 (465 Reviews)

Valorant No Recoil Macro

It is known that Riot Games, which has been on the top of online gaming industry with League of Legends for years, however is working on new projects.

FPS Game

One of these projects is the multiplayer focused FPS game Valorant and many users met with Valorant in addition it was launched.

After that Valorant attracted attention with its similarity to Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and Overwatch, many players from all over the world started to play this game.


In addition, I want to tell you what kind of game Valorant is. In fact, it is possible to roughly summarize the game as follows: 90% Counter-Strike and 10% Overwatch.

Above all

Above all in the matches where two teams of five players are facing, one side plays the defense and the other side plays the attack.


However the matches, played on a total of 25 rounds in two circuits and the team that wins rounds goes to victory. Also the game starts with a 30-second purchase process.

Purchase Valorant

Moreover, after that purchasing weapons, armor and abilities, the attacking party tries to place the device called "Spike" at the target points and the defending side tries to prevent this.

In terms

In terms of match format and general game mechanics, in other words the characters with different features that add Overwatch flavors to the game, which mostly follows the trail of Counter-Strike.


Characters in the game

Valorant - Breach:

This pioneer character shoots through the walls and blinds, however creates a shock that stuns the enemy, creates a shock that strikes through the walls, and creates an earthquake that knocks and stuns the enemy thanks to his ultimate ability.

Valorant - Brimstone:

Control Specialist, however this character throws a damaging fire bomb, throws a cloud of smoke restricting visibility, places a force mark on the ground that increases the rate of fire, and makes a high damage satellite attack thanks to his ultimate ability.

Valorant - Cypher:

This character in the role of a scout, however throws a cyber-cage that restricts and slows vision, places a hidden camera, sets up a booby trap, and uses a dead enemy to locate all enemies.

Valorant - Jett:

This character in the lead role leaps into the air, however leaps forward, throws a cloud of fog that restricts vision, and throws knives that can kill the enemy in one shot thanks to his ultimate ability.

Valorant - Omen:

In the role of Control Specialist, however this character fires range-restricted shadow throws and shadow sphere, teleports forward for a short distance, and thanks to his ultimate ability, however teleports to the desired location of the map.


In the role of a duelist, this character throws a blinding sign sphere, however  throws a fireball that heals himself and damages the opponent, builds a wall of fire and reborn when he dies within a certain time thanks to his ultimate ability.


In the role of a duelist, however  this character throws explosive bags and bombs, blows a boat that explodes and damages the enemy, and uses a high damage rocket launcher thanks to his ultimate ability.


This character, however  as a scout, throws a slowdown sphere, healing sphere, and a wall-covering barrier sphere, and resurrects a deceased teammate thanks to his ultimate ability.

Valorant - Sova:

In the lead role, however this character fires a damaged shock arrow and an exploration arrow showing the enemy, uses an owl drone and fires an arrow that passes through the walls thanks to his ultimate ability.

Valorant - Viper:

In the role of the Control Specialist, however this character throws the damaging venom sphere, weaves the damaging venom wall, throws the damaging venom capsule and, thanks to his ultimate ability, restricts vision and creates a damaging poison cloud.


However Just like every FPS game, also valorant players ask the same question that is ‘’is macro a reason for ban or not’’.

No Recoil

However in valorant using valorant macro and valorant norecoil macro generally are not a reason for ban. For most of macros Riotguards do not give any punishments.

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