Rogue Company No Recoil Lua Script Macro



In our latest Rogue Company article, we explained some of the bugs and main 3 game modes in the game. We continued trying the game out update by update and we can without a doubt say that the developers are doing a great job with updates and bug fixes.


Any Improvements Gameplay Wise ?


Even though there aren’t many updates that includes changing the way the players play Rogue Company, the major bug fixes has been a great progress. Many map exploits and glitches has been fixed. There will be new weapons and maps and game modes that will be added to the game in the near future when all the major bugs have been fixed but you can still have some good fun with the current weapons. There is a good amount of variations of weapons in the game, main weapon concepts are shotguns, automatic rifles, sniper rifles and pistols. But for the peak gameplay experience we recommend Logitech gaming equipments. The more comfortable the players are, the more efficient they play.


How Does The Weapons Effect Gameplay ?


The weapons in the game may be a little problematic for new shooter games players. The recoil is one of the most common things that are asked. People tend to love games with no recoil than the ones that has it. One of the reasons why it’s liked so much is players likes using macro on mouses, just clicking once to the mouse and making it click ten times or more than the one you clicked feels good. Logitech macro isn’t an exception either. But Rogue Company forces players to use their skills more and rely less on macro, since there is not a no recoil mechanic in the game.


How Are The Weapons ?


As we stated before, there are multiple types of weapons in the game and every one of them effect the gameplay very differently in Rogue Company.



Sniper Rifles


Sniper rifles are one of the most common weapon types in shooter video games.


Automatic Rifles


Automatic Rifles has been around shooting video games for decades now.




Pistols are classic sidearms. True reliable weapon when you are out of ammo in your primary weapon on Rogue Company.




Shotguns are good weapons with little to no recoil if you are good at close combat. The weapon usually kills the enemy in one shot if you are close enough. In long distance, you can’t use the weapon effectively.




Melee is another classic weapon type. If you are close to the opponent and don’t have ammo on your primary weapon, melee is sometimes the best choice with higher damage.


These were all the weapon concepts that are currently in the game.