Rogue Company No Recoil Lua Script Macro

What Is Rogue Company and Is It Free ?

Rogue Company is a Third-Person multiplayer shooter video game, developed by First Watch Games. Rogue Company will take action, TPS, multiplayer and strategy fans breathes away with unique gameplay. The game will be published in Epic Games Store, Playstation, XBox and Nintendo soon this year. The game is currently not free but it will be free to play sometime later this year when it’s out of beta.


How Is The Gameplay and What Do We As Macro Think ?

Rogue Company supports up to 8 players in one match which will be 4 versus 4. Some players may want no recoil in games but the game has a fair recoil mechanic. The skilled players shouldn’t have any problems with recoil but new players needs to practice a little. Rogue Company also will clearly have a long run with it’s tactical gameplay. If you are a fan of strategy games and like to use your tactic skills against other players, you should definitely check out this game. The current maps in this Rogue Company will be more than enough for weeks of fun for gamers, but the developers will keep adding maps in future updates too. The gameplay will also be very improved by the 2021 with often updates that will feature accessories, weapons, and probably new characters that will be waiting to be unlocked by the players. Although there are some bugs in the game because it’s still in development, us, Macro thinks Rogue Company is a good game with good gameplay currently.


Is There A Ranked Mode ?

Rogue Company also features Ranked Mode for players who likes to take things even more seriously and want good teamwork. If you have friends from across said platforms, Rogue Company will not disappoint you with the cross-play feature. You can get matched by various players from different platforms which is very improving gameplay wise. Different players from different platforms will force the player to use their tactic skills and overcome the opponents.


How Popular Is Rogue Company ?

Rogue Company also has it’s name heard by streamers too. Many streamers on various streaming platforms such as Twitch, dLive, YouTube and many more is streaming this brand new game. Rogue Company is fairly popular now with the help of the streamers and players, and it’s still increasing it’s popularity. Tens of thousands of people are currently watching the streamers who play Rogue Company.


Will There Be A PvE Mode ?

PvE is a very fun game mode, especially with your friends. This game mode is basically you fighting against the AI instead of real players. It’s usually waves of enemies coming towards the players while the players needs to defend objective. While there is no PvE mode currently in Rogue Company, it doesn’t mean there won’t be one in the future. Although the leaked game files hints at some co-op gameplay mode that might be added in the near future. This leak proves that a co-op gameplay is in the works currently and it might surprise the gamers and it may be the PvE mode.


There will be more details that will be shared by the developers in the near future, stay tuned gamers!