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How to Install for GHUB

No Recoil Macro Lua Script Logitech

Csmacro How To Use Logitech Lua Script Tutorial Download 1

Step 1: Download G-Hub

For VALORANT installation click here.

First off all we need to have G-Hub installed.
Make sure your G-hub is on the latest version. (2022.2.659 & above)
For checking the version of G-Hub go to your G-Hub Settings like in the picture below.

Check Updates

How to Install No Recoil Macro with  Logitech G-Hub ?

Next steps are to install our script

Copy the script (Script folder) and paste it to a local drive.
(If you have only one local drive it's ok.)

Copy No Recoil Script

Pastefiles 1

Now rename the file to world.
(or what ever you want but do not use words like hack, script, cheat)

Rename Script

Now open the file with notepad and change the nil value from the weapon you want to use to a mouse button number.
(If you have a logitech g keyboard please click here for keyboard assignment)

Mouse Button Number Assignment

After you have done the weapon assignment save the script and  Copy the code line below:

data = dofile[[D:\world.lua]] 

Open Logitech G-Hub as administrator and Click on "Profile" section (See picture below)


Go the bottom left and click on "Scripting"


For creating a new Lua Script account press the blue button.


Delete all codes and paste the code line which we have copied.

Copy Paste Code Line

Now change the code line if you add the script to a different local drive letter. For example if you copy-paste the script local drive C:
Change from the code line the D: to C: like below

data = dofile[[C:\world.lua]]

Same for the file name. If you give a different file name change it as well. (.lua is the file format do not delete it)

Now save with ctrl+s
With pressing the mouse button you have assign you can
Activate now the weapon.

Last step is to check that our profile is set as persistant. Go to Details of your profile and if not press the button to set it as Persistant. That's it! Enjoy!


Mouse Button
Mouse button 5.
Mouse button 4.
Mouse button 3.
Mouse button 7.
Mouse button 8.
Mouse button 9.
Mouse button 6.