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Gather around soldier! It seems like you want to appear in the legendary game Call of Duty Cold War Season 2. I gotta tell you this will not be as easy as the other war games. You should feel the inevitable smell of dust, dirt, and blood. You know, these things appear at the same time just in a war, a war of all against all. You should be brave and in a good faith. These are the main essentials for all wars. But what will you need in a glorious war like cod cold war season 2? Do you want to find out ‘em all? This page will be beneficial to learn better.

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A Tactical Genius is needed: Think like a commando

Apparently, you will never see a text like this in any job posts. But it is obvious that tactical geniuses are needed in cold war season 2. Why? You should see all the maps as a chessboard.

Rush: To collect heads, you should sometimes rush through the enemy. This rush should be in a perfect time. What is this “perfect time”? Here, the case is you should rush through the enemy in a time that the enemy will not be expecting you. This is what a “perfect time” is. Gather around your bravest brothers in arms and kill ‘em all!

Ambush: Ambushing is one of the most common tactics in Call of Duty Cold War Season 2. To do that sometimes you can need great aiming. To do that a well-arranged cod-cold war season 2 macro will be a great tool. But we will explain the macros in cod cold war season 2 in the further articles. Ambushing the enemy is an easy way to kill the enemies. Find a great spot to hide. This great spot should be in the way of the enemy lines. When you find this spot, wait for the enemy to come. Have they appeared? Shoot to kill, folks. Use the element of surprise. Your effect on them will be like a jump-scare in horror films. Be their darkest nightmare in the game. When they are all shocked, take their souls smoothly!

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Aiming: A soldier is a person who knows how to shoot, basically

Since Call of Duty Cold War is a first-person shooter game that you kill the enemy, you should be a good shooter. By the word “shooter” we do not mean only the players who use assault rifles. A sniper and a medic should know the aiming mechanics of cod cold war season 2, too. At the end of the day, we are all the warriors of the world in the game. How do you improve your shooting abilities in Call of Duty Cold War Season 2? Let us find out!

Practice: The classic way to improve something is to practice. It is not rocket science, dudes. You should take your rifles (or pistols to get more precise shots) and shoot for hours to have better aiming. We should point out the fact that it is a long process to get away with. This process is not only long but also quite boring. When you are trying to improve your aiming, the other people will be killing you softly. Why? Are they a better player than you? Do they have a better plan and position than yours? Of course not. They are literally players with no real life. If you see them, you will shout at their face like that. “Get a life, dude!”. Those people are practicing aiming for hours and hours. Is it fun? Nah! They are just nerds with no real social life. Try to not be one of them.

Macros: Probably the most helpful tools in shooter games are macros. These macros help you from unwanted things like recoils. Guys, getting over with it takes literally days. Who has that time? Not you and us.

How do you set up these macros? Let us say, you own Razer gaming hardware. You can boost your aiming by using a Razer cold war macro. Where can you find a Razer no recoil macro? This is a great question to ask. Our great software team offers you the greatest Razer cold war anti recoil macro. Those macros are compatible with the customization platform of Razer. It is known as Razer synapse 3. Open the software and arrange the macro. You are done!

Having an Eternal Desire to Have Fun

At the end of the day, like the other shooting games, Call of Duty Cold War Season 2 is a game. You can win or lose. Those are the nature of the game. You should be in the cycle of good mood and fair play. We know the fact that most people find their actual best friends from the games. Do not let your anger abolish your fun. Remember, everyone trying their best in the game. Every player can have a bad game day. The player in the bad day can be anyone, even you.

Remember, if you think the only choice you have is to fun, you cannot have fun. When you do not have fun, playing the game will be pointless. After a while, you will be losing the game. Never lose your hope.

Do you have vulnerabilities in the game like aiming? If you have, this is not a problem. Get a cod cold war season 2 macro and enjoy the kills you will be getting. When you get these macros, you will understand the main challenge in the game. Acting as a team is more important than shooting ability.

Will our macros be compatible with your Razer Synapse 3?

Of course. They are created by the masters. You can use them with all the Razer hardware that compatible with Razer Synapse 3.

Will I be reported because of abuse/cheating due to the macros?

No. Using these macros is not cheating. Cheat-finding algorithms will be ignoring you.