How to install a4tech no recoil macro ?

What mouse models support no recoil macro for a4tech and bloody also sharkoon mouse models ?!

It is really no matter model you have all bloody and a4tech models work with macro.

Some models are here ,

All a4tech bloody mouses and mices ,

Installing a macro on A4Tech X7 mouse ,

Important! The interface of different programs for different a4tech X7 mice may vary slightly,
but the principle of installing macros will be exactly the same.

For a4tech macro no recoil mouse information ;

In the same way, macros are installed on other a4tech X7 mice: X-710K, X-710BK (X-7120),
X-718BK, X-730K, X-740K, XL-750K, XL-740K, XL-730K , X-738K,
X-748K, XL-750BK, X-705K, X-755BK, XL-755BK.

For different models of X7 mice, there are several versions of the Oscar program
that you can download from
the official website of

For bloody macro no recoil mouse information ;

(V3M, V4M, V5M, V8M, V7M, T50, T60, T70, N50, A60, A70, A90,
A91, R30, R70, R80, RT50, RT70, ML160, ZL50, TL50, TL60, TL70, TL80, TL90,
AL90, P81, P85, P93 and mores etc.)

You need have Bloody software, then we strongly
recommend downloading it from the official website

For bloody mouses we have important notes ,

Important! To use macros, you must have purchased
the official activation of Ultra core3 /4 for Bloody.

You can install macros on the mouse through the Bloody program in two different ways,
through Ultra-Core 3 and through Ultra-Core 4.

Also bloody macros work with new W series mices.

W90 Max
W70 Max
W60 Max

Bloody 7 Software No Recoil Macro.

For sharkoon macro no recoil mouse information ;

Almost all sharkoon mouse models with no recoil macro and with our tools.

Our macros format are amc. format all is humanize and natural no recoil coding.


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