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About Counter Strike

It is the best selling game in the Counter Strike series, which is Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS Global Attack) with full expansion in CS GO. The developers of the game are Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. The game was released in August 2012.

It is a game that many people around the world played and liked by everyone you can play with your friends. World-class tournaments are held every year. There are skill groups in the game.

How many Competitive Matches must i play ?

When we first log in to the game, you do not have a talent group. For this you need to play 10 competitive matches. It puts you in your talent group after playing these competitive matches. After you settle in your skill group. You will come to the competitive matches you play according to your skill group and you will play with them.

The game may be difficult for reasons such as dying in the first time. After you get used to playing, you can enjoy the game like most people. You can use various weapons. Some of these are AK-47 and m4-A4 weapons. Of course, when you look at weapons as a macro. You will have the opportunity to hit the targets much sharper.

When you make choices as CSGO AK47 macro and CSGO M4A4 macro, there is no reason not to be successful. Faceit is a PUG platform that was originally created to play competitive games in CSGO. It allows you to match your own competitive system completely free of charge.

Where can i use the macros?

You can use spray and norecoil macros on the Faceit platform. Let us also remind you. When you use CS:GO faceit spray macro and CS:GO faceit norecoil macro. You should not believe the rumors that your skills will blind.

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