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A Review On Closed Beta Game Valorant

Riot Games, publisher and developer of famous long-running game the League Of Legends, come up with a new game. This time, it is a first person shooter game called Valorant. Let’s reviev this new game which started as closed beta on April 7th and shortly after that broke a simultaneous viewing record with 1.7 million viewer on Twitch.

Valorant is a, two opposing team shooter game played in two consecutive rounds and in each team there are 5 players. While one team is attacking the other team defends. Those two rounds consist of 25 smaller rounds and first team to win 13 of those round wins the game in Valorant. You start each round with a 30 seconds of prep phase which can be used for buying weapons and other gears. After you buy weapons, armor and abilities you are ready for a win through doing one of two objectives depends on your stance. If you are in attacking team you should win by either killing every member of other team or successfully planting and detonating a bomb called “Spike” in a designated place. If you are in defending team, again you can win the round by killing every member of other team or you can defuse the Spike if you could not stop other team planting it.

So When Will Closed Beta End For Valorant?

Even though Valorant is closed beta right now, until recently you could have gain access to the game just by watching on certain Twitch streamers playing Valorant. Also those who has access the game can reduce Valorant recoil to zero by using Valorant macro. Gamers and streamers who stream the game through Twitch are automatically owns Valorant and everyone can watch those streams to got a chance to own the game by Drops.

If you missed the Twitch Drop event no need to worry because Valorant will be exit closed beta and open game to everyone on June 2. So you can use Valorant Macro effectively in open beta. Therefore Valorant Recoil possibility will be no more. There is not much left for Riot Games newest game Valorant to release, so just be patient a bit.

Where Can I Use Valorant Macro?

You can use the macros however you want. Valorant Macro, will reduce the rate of Valorant recoil to a minimum while you shooting or spraying at enemy and make it harder for them to notice you.


There are 10 playable characters in game known as “Agents” and this number will most likely to expand through years. That being said, every Agent in game has a uniqe set of skills which two of them can be buy in first 30 seconds and a more powerfull skill called ultimate. You can charge your ultimate by killing enemies or collecting orbs scattered around map. There are also 4 classes of characters to choose from: Initiators, Sentinels, Controllers and Duelists.

You can use Valorant macro with these characters to gain advantage over your enemies and win easily by reducing the Recoil in your weapons to zero.