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No Recoil Macro As you know, macro-style programs have become popular in online games recently. So what is a macro and what does it do? Macro is a kind of simple program that allows you to press the keys for you in the game. You make a lot of clicks in the games and even spend minutes on simple actions. As an example, you need to click on an average of 20 times to train soldiers in mobile strategy games and recruit trained soldiers to your army.

You can create a macro by recording all these clicks with the Game Record Key feature and repeat the entire click chain with a single click. In competitive games, you need to do some actions all the same and with the same precision: Even making a minor mistake can cause your character to die. However, competitive games are games where your adrenaline level rises and you cannot always maintain the same certainty. Eventually you make mistakes and therefore lose the match.

Therefore, the use of macros is inevitable in games such as apex legends, rainbow six, r6. I recommend using no recoil macro or using spray macro in Apex legends game. It will be very useful for you. Likewise, the use of rainbow six siege no recoil macro and r6 no recoil macro will take you a few degrees higher than your competitors.

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