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Valorant made an amazing boom when released and put every gamer under it’s effect. As people playing the game everyone started to realised that long lasting CS:GO game was unrivaled until now and gamers started to tired of playing the same game over and over. Valorant is giving us very different FPS experience by combining CS:GO’s hard shooter mechanics and Overwatch’s skill logic. Everybody expected Valorant to be another arcade shooter but when it came out as a hard shooter like CS:GO it was very surprising and gamers focus shifted from CS:GO to Valorant. But why did everyone love Valorant and what dynamics made it gamers favorite? How these dynamics will affect our Valorant macro usage and Valorant recoil mechanics?

Valorant Mechanics

When we think about it, we realised that it’s all come down to arcade content mixed with hard shooter theme. Since the beginning of CS:GO only thing we could do is buying weapons and gears at the start of each round and shoot down enemies. For a long time that was good enough for gamers and no one seemed to asking for or wanting for more. On the other hand, games like Apex Legends or Overwatch never gave us the feeling of hard shooter. With those games it was like playing DOOM! Which means another arcade shooter.

Valorant added simple arcade content, such as character skills and ultimates, to a hard shooter game and proved to us that it can be very much fun game like that. We can use both Valorant macro and Valorant Recoil to maximize the performance we get from our mouse while playing this even funnier game. At last we see, that adding game mechanics other than buying weapons and gears like character class can improve game. Thanks to that change we can see different class compositions in teams can lead to strategy can be effective as weapon skills of players.

Valorant Maps

There are 3 maps in games right now. These are: Haven, Bind and Split. While two of these maps are favoured by fans, one map was not so lucky. In Haven, which is most populer map right now, there are three Spike (the bomb) plantable sites called A, B and C. Because of spawn points for two opposite teams are rather close, you can expect early shoot outs soon after game start. Therefore you need to memorise the map very quickly so you can move fast and initiate the fight first. If you failed to do one of those two things enemy team quickly get behind you and gain a leverage. You can always have an advantage by using Valorant Macro and shoot down your camping enemies very fast with Valorant recoil.

Riot Games did an interesting thing with Bind map and added two teleportation points. Using these ports to move around map and planting Spike is very easy considering other maps. But do not forget that enemy team can use those ports in their favor as well. Another thing about these ports is when used they release very loud noise, so you need to be careful when using teleportations. Ambushes you set with your team mates around those ports will be much better with Valorant macro and Valorant Recoil.