Power of Lua

Lua; could be a powerful, effective, light-weight and embeddable scripting language. If we tend to speak a touch bit concerning Scripts language; are programming languages accustomed shorten the stage of deciphering codes. These programming languages run directly from the ASCII text file while not the necessity to compile. This makes the programmers’ job easier. Let’ come back to to our topic. Developed by a bunch known as Tecgraf at Pontifical Catholic University in Rio de Janerio, Brazil; supports structured programming, object familiarized programming, practical programming, information programming and information revelation structures. This language, that was developed so as to facilitate the studies applied in C language, has become a lot of and more advanced and has become a programming language. Lua, which suggests “Moon”, could be a Portuguese word.

Simple to learn Lua Programming

If you ask a question why should I choose Lua language; having a very fast structure, being simple and easy to learn, it is quite strong, it can be embedded, open source and being developed continuously. You can use Lua Scripts language to write macros on pubg game. For example, in the programming of pubg norecoil, lua programming language will provide convenience for you. You can design your Lua scripts to cover all mice and pubg spray macro.

Download the Best Macro

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