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How to Install

Valorant Macro Logitech

How To Install Macro Universal All Mouses Keyboards

1.) Install G-Hub or LGS. If you have G-Hub installed make sure that you have a downgraded version (Version: 2021.11.1775)

For Downgrade your G-Hub click here.

After you have done the installation make sure that you close "Enable Automatic Updates".
So that you stay in the downgraded version.

Go to Settings and unable it. Check the picture below.

Unable Update

2.) After the installation is done. We have to make sure that our Virtualization is On/Enable.
Open CMD as administrator and write systeminfo
On the bottom you will see if it's on or off

Virtualization Enable

3.) If it's Enable go to Step 4.  If your Virtualization is Disable watch the video below to see how to enable it.
or for more information click here


4.) Now press WindowsIcon+R and write 

Find in the list Hyper-V and activate it.

(If you don't see Hyper-V in the list Download it from here
Extract it and open the bat file as administrator. It will Install Hyper-V)


Next step is to install the Script.

For G-Hub Click here.

For LGS Click here.