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How to Install for LGS

Rust NoRecoil Macro

How To Install Rust No Recoil Macro Script

Step 1: Open from LGS

First off all we need to have LGS installed.
If not please click here to download.

1. Open Logitech Gaming Software Click Mouse icon and Right Click to your "Profile" doesn't matter which one. (See picture below)

Lgs Mouse Icon

2. After Right Clicking on your profile select "Scripting"

Lgs Select Scripting

3. We have two ways to import our macro. First one is to go

Script -> Import..

The second way is to open the macro with a text editor and copy+paste to the window.

If there are codes before, please delete them and then paste the codes.

Lgs Copy Paste Save

4. After saving we have to export the file.

Save No Recoil Macro Rust5. Export the file if you have in a different local from the game.[Example if the game is install in (C:) export it to (D:)]

6. After Export the file we have to add these code line:

data = dofile[[D:\FileName.lua]]  - Click for data = dofile[[D:\FileName.lua]]

We change the file name what we have given.

Also change if needed the local to (C:) or (D:) whatever you have do.

Save and Close.


7. Last step, set the profile as default and as Persistent. That's it! Enjoy your new Macro.

Lgs Set As

Macro Activate and Deactivate Mouse buttons

In the picture below we write the Mouse button numbers for you.

These buttons you can use for activate and deactivate the macro.

Mouse Button
Mouse button 5.
Mouse button 4.
Mouse button 3.
Mouse button 7.
Mouse button 8.
Mouse button 9.

Weapon assignment

Change the value "nil" to the mouse button you want to activate.
For example if you're change the AK47 = "nil" to 3 the activate button will the mouse button 3.

Rust No Recoil Activate