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How to Install Aim Assist ReWASD

Aim Assist to your Keyboard & Mouse

How To Install Aim Assist Rewasd Config For Mouse And Keyboard

Step 1: Download & Install ReWASD

First of all we have to download & install ReWASD click here.

How to Install Aim Assist Config

2. Open ReWASD

After open ReWASD we have to group or Mouse and Keyboard.
To do so click on the Satallite Icon. It detects all your connected devices. After pressing on the satellite button, click on your mouse. The icon which is flashing is your Mouse.

Rewasd Installation Step 1
Aim Assist installation step 1 with ReWASD Finding Mouse by Pressing Satellite Icon

3. Re-initialize your Mouse & Keyboard

Click on the flashing icon and Press Re-initalize. If it might show up as a keyboard, so you have to click Re-initialize, click mouse, then click submit.

Rewasd Installation Step 2
Re-initilazing your Mouse on ReWASD for Aim Assist

We have to do the same for our keyboard. Now take your hands off your mouse and press a button on your keyboard. Click on the Icon which is Flashing. Might again showing up as a something different as a keyboard. Click re-initialize, make sure you press keyboard and press Submit

Rewasd Installation Step 3
Re-initilazing your Keyboard on ReWASD for Aim Assist

4. Group your Mouse & Keyboard

After this step we have to group our mouse and keyboard. To do so click group and choose your Mouse and keyboard. Then you can click close that saves the group.

Rewasd Installation Step 5
Group your Mouse & Keyboard for Aim Assist

5. Importing the Aim Assist Config

Now let's open the files we have download. In the Settings folder are the In-Game settings we have to do. In the Scripts folder You will see two files. One is a batch file shortcut to close rewasd completely. We using it overself. After I'm done with playing and want to chilling on pc some keyboard buttons are not working correctly. Even if I have close the rewasd. This shortcut close it completely.
(You can do it manually as well. Go to TaskManager -> details and find the Rewasd .exe and close it.)

That is just a shortcut to skip the task manager steps.

Double click on the rewasd config file. You can rename it for whatever you want and click Import.

Now press from the bottom left the "Apply to Slot 1" button. As you can also see on the popup we have to press F5 to toggle between our mouse and virtual controller.  So when you press F5 and your mouse is movable, that means the config is off. And when you press F5 to turn it back on, then the configs ON and you can't move your Mouse. That's all you're ready to go. Enjoy!

Rewasd Installation Step 6
Importing the Aim Assist Config